Calum Hood

D.O.B - January 25th, 1996

Full Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Fun Facts:

  1. He sometimes refers to himself as “Cashmoney Calum.”
  2. He’s not Asian & Get’s angry when you joke about it. He’s Kiwi & Scottish.
  3. He prefers brunettes.
  4.  His Favorite food is Pizza.
  5. He would turn gay for Kellin Quinn.
  6. His favorite color is baby blue.
  7. His celebrity crush is Katy Perry.
  8. Calum is known as the sassy one in 5SOS.
  9. The youngest he would date is 14.
  10. Calum says he was a nerd when he was younger, and still is.
  11. His favorite fruit is apples.
  12. Calum’s singer role model when he was younger was Chris Brown.
  13. If he had to date a guy, It would be Channing Tatum.
  14. Calum’s old instagram used to be Calzabrah.
  15. Calum Dropped out of high school.
  16. Whenever Calum is shirtless, Luke happens to be pant less. 
  17. Calum follows the most fans on twitter than the other boys..
  18. Calum will unfollow you on twitter if you constantly tweet him about the other boys.
  19. Calum’s sister, Mali Koa Hood, competed on the voice. 
  20. His shoe size is 9.
  21. Calum has never eaten waffles.
  22. Calum’s favorite pizza toppings are ham & pineapple.
  23. If Calum were a girl he would date himself.


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