well i’m mad because you’re cute as shit and i’m not. 

Reblog if you own a physical copy of SLSP

I can finally say that I do. (:

every girl has had that one moment when nothing could make them feel better besides a hug from michael clifford 

Life sucks a lot when you’re an unpopular 5SOS blog

Probably the best cake ever in my opinion.

Happy birthday. 💕

AU: Calum curses at the paparazzi after he asks about your break up. 

Because everybody needs dirty calum on a sweater.

Anonymous: your sweater designs are adorable! you should definitely make a store!

really? (: Thanks so much. <3 I want to make one soooo badly, but I still have a lot I need to figure out first. Like inventory, selling, shipping, etc. 

might sell soon